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Your trusted partner for shipping optimization

Reduce transportation costs and improve delivery performance

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MTS stands for Managed Transportation Services. SMS Global MTS is your trusted partner for shipping optimization. We help you reduce your transportation costs and improve your delivery performance by streamlining your shipping flows and selecting the best carrier for your needs. We can leverage our own carrier contracts, your contracts, or a mix of both. We also source and negotiate new contracts when needed.

S-ct, our smart delivery and transportation management software, allows you to manage multi-carrier global shipping with a single solution. Our customer service team tracks your shipments and handles exceptions proactively, ensuring high-quality service.

We audit all carrier invoices and provide you with a single “clean” consolidated invoice. This saves you time and hassle in administration. Our team is also constantly working on enhancing and optimizing your shipping processes.


We offer a comprehensive global shipping solution that can handle any type of document, parcel, or freight. Whether you need inbound or outbound services, we have the right carrier for you.

With our S-ct software, you can easily manage your import and export shipments and paperwork online. You can also arrange cross dock shipments and return shipments with multiple legs. Our software gives you full visibility and control over your shipping operations.


We help you optimize your shipping cost, lead time, customer experience and satisfaction, and performance by choosing the best carriers for your needs and tracking their performance.

We also offer you a unified reporting system that gives you all the relevant information you need in one place, S-ct.

Our customer service team is your one-stop shop for all your shipping needs, making your administration easier.


We help you save time and money on your shipping needs. Our solutions let you focus on your core business while we handle the sourcing and optimization of the best carriers for you. We use S-ct to manage and monitor your global shipping operations. We also provide invoice auditing and claim handling services and comprehensive reports on your shipping performance. With us, you can ship smarter and faster.

How it works



To begin our collaboration, we will analyze your shipping profile. We will evaluate all the transportation options (sea, air, road, etc.) and all the kinds of shipments (documents, parcels, pallets, etc.) that you use. We will also consider your additional needs such as pick-up/cut-off time, dangerous goods, high value, security, and bonded goods.



Our automated data analysis tool will process your shipping data, requirements, and current costs in the next phase. The result is a shipping optimization proposal that demonstrates how to implement S-ct software, based on your specific shipping characteristics. We can use our own carrier contracts, your contracts, or a mix of both. We will also find new carriers and negotiate new contracts when needed.



The next step is to finalize the contract and install the S-ct software. We will help you configure your carriers and rates based on the optimization plan we agreed on. We will also provide you with a training session to show you how to use the software effectively. Once everything is set up, you will have access to our customer service department for any questions or issues.



S-ct is the key to streamline your supply chain and optimize your shipping process. You have the flexibility to create and book your own shipments, while we take care of the rest. We provide customer service, exception management, invoice control and claim handling for all your transportation needs. You will get daily updates on any issues, their resolutions, and actions. We are your external transportation expert, ready to answer any questions you have about transportation and supply chain.

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